The Chosen Man

As war in Flanders drags on into another year, a Spanish count presents the Vatican with a means of disrupting the Dutch rebels’ booming economy. The idea seems trivial, frivolous, but it could do real damage. To be successful though, they need to choose the right man for the job.

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"Beautifully written – beautifully crafted . . .” Eleanor Jackson, Literary Agent, New York

Author Reviews

J. G. Harlond is a real find.
The Chosen Man is a novel with everything going for it: a cracking story centred on an intriguing and charismatic hero...historical research that's thorough but lightly worn...a thrilling and pleasingly un-tricksy narrative...and a writing style that pleases without setting out to impress.
This book is both generous and traditional, in a good way - that is, the author wants to pull you in and entertain you. And succeeds, in this reader's case, triumphantly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed there will be more.

Review by Sarah Harrison, multi-million best-selling author of The Flowers of the Field Trilogy.

A compelling adventure filled with believable and complex characters.
A compelling adventure which combines humour with a serious subtext, The Chosen Man is filled with believable and complex characters. Set at the time of the Tulip Mania, it concerns a Vatican plot to undermine the Dutch economy and manipulate the political landscape of Europe. A story with lessons for the modern world.
Review by Ann Swinfen, author of the Christoval Alvarez Series, Flood and This Rough Ocean

Fun and full of energy: an entertaining read.
This novel is fun and full of energy; black comedy abounds. The wide-ranging historical background is also very intelligent and well-informed, while in no way slowing down the swashbuckling story.
The slow-burning romance between the two lively main characters, Ludo the loveable rogue, and Alina, the feisty Spanish girl stranded in a foreign country, adds to the enjoyment.
I've read 'Tulip Fever' so knew some of the historical background, and was expecting this to be heavy, depressing and political, especially in our time of 'financial crisis'. Not a bit of it! I found The Chosen Man to be a very entertaining read and I would definitely read another novel by this author.

Review by Jean Gill, prize-winning author of fiction, poetry, memoir and travel writing; winner of the Global ebooks award for best Historical Fiction for Song at Dawn.

The mark of a good book is the sense of loss you feel when you reach the end.
I finished The Chosen Man yesterday and I´m still thinking about the characters today! I hope the author does a sequel. The characters are believable, and the plots wound together faultlessly. I was fascinated to learn more about Tulip Mania and the descriptions of the house and staff at Crimphele in Cornwall were perfect. This book would make a very good film. A first class read.
Review by Ricky Leach, journalist and reporter for SUR in English, Spain.

New edition of the book now published by Penmore Press as the first of a trilogy.

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