Secret Meetings

A Bob Robbins Home Front Mystery (Book 4)

Cornwall, Spring, 1944
A lone traveller arrives at a harbour inn carrying a satchel of weapons, then appears in the grounds of River Lodge, a typical English country house in wartime.
Except with a scandalous family history, the owner’s wife and servants harbouring secrets and grievances, a glamourous trans-Atlantic socialite and an uninvited American professor in residence, there is nothing normal about River Lodge.
Then Bob Robbins arrives impersonating Winston Churchill and there is a tragic accident. Or is it daylight murder? And who was the intended victim? Was it caused by the crank stalking Churchill, or a domestic homicide? Could it be related to the nearby preparations for D-Day?
Reverting to his real identity, DS Robbins investigates the crime knowing his own life is in danger. Can cynical old Bob and keen young Laurie Oliver identify a murderer at River Lodge and ensure the outcome of the Normandy landings?
If you liked Foyle’s War and love Agatha Christie this is a must-read.

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