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Secret Meetings, the fourth book in the Bob Robbins Home Front Mystery series, is now published.
"So,” Bob said to Laurie, “all we have to do is rumble a double agent and find a cold-blooded assassin. Or nail one of three homely women for a domestic homicide. School-boy like you and an old codger like me, should be a piece of cake.”

Cornwall, 1944
River Lodge – a typical English country house in wartime. Or so DS Robbins believes when he arrives as Winston Churchill’s double. Except with a scandalous family history, the owner’s wife and staff hiding secrets and grievances, two sophisticated but uninvited American guests, and now a pseudo-prime minister in residence, there is nothing normal about River Lodge.
Then there is a tragic freak accident. Or is it daylight murder? Bob must decide which and investigate an attempt on his own life. In the meantime, Laurie, now working for the British security service, tries to protect him and seek out a dangerous spy.
Can aging Bob Robbins and keen young Laurie Oliver discover the truth about what is happening at River Lodge and protect the secrecy of the upcoming D-Day landings?
Based on real events in 1944, Secret Meetings, shows how fragile and vulnerable the classified planning for Operation Overlord D-Day really was.

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