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Courting Danger, the third book in the Bob Robbins Home Front Mystery series, is the winner of the "Author Shout Reader Ready Award 2022".

The great British crime writer Margery Allingham said a good mystery should be like a box with four walls. The walls being: “a Crime, a Mystery, an Enquiry and a Conclusion with an Element of Satisfaction in it.”

The crime in the new Bob Robbins story Courting Danger is the murder of a charming young doctor found in a remote pool on a bleak Cornish moorland. The mystery surrounding his death is complicated by why a young woman is subsequently found dead among ancient standing stones in a nearby area, and what the doctor’s strange aunt is doing in his family home.

Bob’s enquiry leads him to a sacred cave in a hollow hill, which involves a lot of hiking and does his sciatica no good at all. Fortunately, he has the literary-minded, sharp-eyed young PC Laurie Oliver to help him. Laurie also learns to ride a horse, finds a girlfriend and uncovers a network of stolen museum treasures. Bob’s investigation benefits from the additional help of the Scots doctor Ned MacManus (from Local Resistance) and the perceptive, good-humoured Nell Copeland, a WVS volunteer.

The Conclusion, which I shan’t reveal, rights various wrongs and leads Bob to an unexpected happy ending.

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