Davor makes up stories, and that is all he does. To avoid his chores Davor runs away to sea with a one-eyed sea captain on a dragon ship. When the ship is stranded Davor runs away again, but into even greater danger.

Follow Davor as he saves himself from a three-headed troll and falls in with a one-eyed Traveller who shows him the sword that will change his life forever – then abandons him on a mountainside with only a white wolf cub for company. Join Davor as he searches for a way home and helps the wicked Loki steal cursed dwarf-treasure . . . Witness how a shape-shifting dragon tests all Davor’s cleverness and courage.

- My new book The Doomsong Sword was published on 27th March 2017.

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Make Do and Murder . . .

Porthferris is a little village with a lot of secrets, some more sinister than others, and one that could change the history of the nation.

Local Resistance sums up what is going on in a tiny Cornish fishing village in 1941. Set in England during the Second World War, this is a story about ordinary people manning the Home Front and doing the best they can to get round wartime restrictions. The village, Porthferris, is located between Plymouth and Looe on the East Cornish coastline. It is fictional, but the characters come from real life, and the goings on are based on true events related to the very real threat of invasion and the highly secret British Resistance organisation that came to be known as Churchill’s Secret Army.

- My WWII murder mystery novel Local Resistance was published on 4th November 2016 by Penmore Press Ltd.

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